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4/10 Note posted to my facebook page

Perpetuated Poverty - Breaking the Cycle

April 10, 2014 at 3:58am

The leaders of Fitchburg face an interesting conundrum in the next month. As an elected representative for most of the older urbanized portion of the city, I am all too familiar with the amount of poverty in Fitchburg, largely contained within concentrated pockets within my County Board district. The quandary for the people of the city, especially those involved in city and county government, is what can, or should, we do for people living in poverty in our community?

First, we need to realize that the vast majority of residents in poverty did not choose that lifestyle. They are generally good people stuck in a system beyond their ability to escape or change on their own. If we are willing to acknowledge the problems which perpetuate poverty, we can begin to address them.

One of the biggest problems created by poverty is idle youth. When children do not have appropriate activities, they create their own, often to the detriment of the community. This is a long perpetuated cycle that needs to end.

We need to help parents and youth by providing activities that they are eager to participate in, that are affordable and readily available to them, that our society will generally approve of, and that will distract them from ultimately becoming part of crime statistics in our society.

The biggest area of concentrated poverty is in the Nine Springs area near Leopold School. According to information from the Park's Department, 16.4% of the city’s population live in that area and the area is deficient by 22 acres of parkland.

The conundrum that we have is that there is city-owned green space available to them, but for the fact that it is currently run as a city-owned golf course, used by a comparatively small number of residents.

While I have no problem whatsoever with golfing or golfers, and it is nice that Fitchburg has a golf course, the need for appropriate activity space for area residents should be an overriding consideration in the decision of the best use of this land.

Since our comprehensive plan defines a large area of parkland at the southern edge of the urban service area, we should look at the long-term future of developing a golf course there, one that Fitchburg can be truly proud of promoting. I’ve suggested that thought to many people in the area and it’s been well received.



3/20 adding map directly here


This map should go into May. Traffic is on yellow areas with 2 lanes in each direction on the old, expanded southbound side. Green is new pavement when this part is finished, including the eastern side of the roundabout which will be under Verona Road.

Red is temporary road, generally for construction use only. Blue will be at grade bridges over the bike/ped underpass.

Near left, temporary street under Verona Road to go between the neighborhoods during construction. Traffic across the summit intersection remains available though this portion.

Please continue to drive slowly and attentively and avoid "rubber-necking" in ways that become a distraction. We need everyone to stay safe and avoid work slowdowns so we can get through this the most effecient way possible. Thanks all!

3/13 Added the first map (of 10) for this years work on the Verona Road project to my Facebook Page at

3/12 notes

  • What is "Progressive" anyway?

    Progressive is NOT left of left... it's a moderate position that looks at the whole picture, and makes decisions based on what is best overall.

  • The result of the political climate in the county, filtering down to Fitchburg, has caused a massive financial squeeze to be put on Dane County and the municipalities in it. Money doesn't exist to do all that should be done, we have no choice but to pick and choose priorities. I base my decisions on the greatest good.

  • There is supposed to be a laser focus on jobs in Wisconsin. If we want to get people out of poverty, they have to have jobs that are available to them.

  • We need to eliminate the pendulums... from the stock market that our whole economy hangs on, all the way though the partisan politics in Fitchburg. Talk about a tall order!!


Door card that I'm carrying around as I make another visit to residents... my third in many/most cases.

As I've talked about my district, the land use map keeps coming up, with the very apparent areas of high density housing (brown areas marked HDR) on both the east and west ends. Here is what it looks like:

Click the map for a full sized image

Added 2/5/14

Come one, come all, to Dorothy's first ever fundraising event!

As much as she loves getting out to talk to people to hand them a personal invitation, this has been a really harsh winter for spending time in neighborhood's, so she hasn't gotten out nearly as much as she did in November.

Click on each page for a full size image


Moving right along. Below, and linked, is the newsletter that I carried around the district to over 2,500 homes beginning in October 2013. A lot of what is important to me is represented in it.

Click here for full-sized pdf file

And, um, yes, if anyone still wonders, I won my Alder seat once again.


Back to the Alder race. I participated in a candidate forum hosted by a neighborhood association that clearly supports my opponent. I kinda enjoy those sorts of things because they are such ripe opportunities to try to help people understand some of the dilemma's that people who are not as fortunate as themselves can face in life.

I ended up typing out my "thinking out loud" notes and putting them on my letterhead to make copies available for people to take home with them along with copies of a lot of the information that DOT has been making available related to the Verona Road project. Here are my notes:

Click here for full-sized pdf file


Ended up calling off the County Board campaign due to lack of an opponent. Asked my supporters to send their time, money, and energy to the recall campaigns instead. Have been spending most of this year learning Dane County after a year of learning Fitchburg. Lots of water over the dam, much of which can be read at my Facebook page.

Change is in the air... and not just the fall temperatures!

Fitchburg Common Council
District 1, Seat 1

Supports strong neighborhoods, sustainable communities, affordable housing, and more

  • Promote old-fashioned walkable neighborhoods
  • Demand sustainable practices in area development
  • Protect parks and green spaces for future generations
  • Encourage local production of fresh foods
  • Empower neighborhood associations
  • Encourage public participation in all city processes
  • Ensure that the people’s voices are heard in city Hall

Economic Development

  • Focus on creation of jobs for workers at all levels.
  • Advocate for small, local businesses that serve the needs of area residents
  • Promote a well-trained workforce that can afford to live and work in our community


  • Stay involved in the Highway 151 / Verona Road reconstruction project
  • Support expanded bus service, shared taxi system, bike alternatives, etc, in the region

Public Safety

  • Encourage neighborhood police officer program
  • Improve communications between residents and police, fire and 911 services
  • Participate in plans for building new fire stations with expanded training facilities
  • Assist in development of neighborhood centers

Working in the community,
for the community,
as a member of the community


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Quick links to:

3/15/14 door card

Land Use Map

2/24 fundraiser

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Facebook (offsite)


"Dorothy has been a pleasure to work with. She's actively involved in making the community a better place and brings a wealth of creative ideas to the table. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her as a community activist, and will look forward to continuing to work closely with her as Fitchburg Alder."

Brian Solomon, Alder, Madison District 10

"I have worked with Dorothy Krause in my capacity as community parish nurse at the Allied Wellness Center for several years. I am continually amazed at how resourceful she is at getting information, and at how dedicated she has been in improving the Allied Dunn's Marsh neighborhood. She regularly attends the Allied Area Task Force meetings, community meals and other neighborhood events and meetings, bringing good ideas and input. Her commitment to the community gardens and all activities that impact a neighborhood, speaks clearly of the passion and integrity in which she would serve as alder. Because I work rather than live in her district I cannot vote for her, but she certainly has my vote of confidence."

Susan Corrado

"I've known Dorothy since she moved to the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood 8 years ago. Over this period of time she has become more and more deeply involved in community organizations both within the neighborhood and beyond. Because she has attended meetings of all sorts on a regular basis, she comes "service ready" and with a wide knowledge base to the Fitchburg City Council.

"From working on church committees and in the Marlborough Park Community Garden with her, I know that she is attentive to both details and larger issues, is able to express herself efficiently and effectively, and is acquainted with many individuals and organizations in the Fitchburg/Madison area. A good listener, she is also adept at talking to and working with other community leaders or government officials.

"Coming from a working class background, Dorothy isn't afraid of hard work, throws herself fully into projects she supports, and is completely dependable in the obligations she accepts. She has lots of energy and fresh ideas. I know she has a special place in her heart for creating community among people of diverse backgrounds and that she would like to see her district and Fitchburg grow in sustainability."

Mary Mullen

"Dorothy has demonstrated her singular focus on the good of our community through her persistent activism in community organizations. It is only natural that her next step be to take her vision and hard work to the next level. Our streets, our parks, our neighborhood, and our community are better places because of Dorothy Krause."

Jeffrey Glazer

"In addition to leading one of the most successful local Freecycle chapters on the planet, Dorothy has been a member of the Freecycle global leadership team and helped get established as a international gifting concept as well as the largest recycling and reuse community on the web. Kudos to her and congrats to Fitchburg for having such a committed local leader. If you figure out how to clone her, let me know..."

Deron Beal
Executive Director
The Freecycle Network

"Dorothy has boundless energy and enthusiasm for seeking out opportunities to make her community better and the ability to energize others to get involved in serving their community. She is always looking for ways to create common sense solutions to community needs."

Duncan McNelly

"I have known Dorothy for approximately two years, and have been impressed on her dedication to be helpful in very meaningful ways.  Her active presence on many community organizations in the Allied area bespeaks well of a hard work ethic.  She does not shrink from responsibility. I feel Dorothy genuinely desires to be helpful, and is very able to tackle the business and human issues of being an alder."    

Barry Hayes

"Dorothy Krause's competence, positive work ethic and experience with neighborhood improvement projects makes her an ideal candidate for alderperson. She would bring a valuable combination of networking, problem solving and technical skills to that role".

Doleta Chapru

"I have known Dorothy for many years. She is a very creative and resourceful person who cares about her neighborhood and the people who live there. She has many fascinating ideas about how to improve the situation in the Allied Drive area, networking, creating jobs and food security in the process. She knows and works with many key players in the neighborhood (including the local residents)."

Judy Skog

"Dorothy is a woman with a big heart, and has ideas and energy to match her heart. She is a dedicated community activist, giving much time to numerous causes that have improved the lives of those around her. She is generous with both her time and her talents, and has good common sense. She is knowledgeable about community needs and concerns, and has proven herself to be a hard worker through volunteer service. I am proud to support her for alderperson!"



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