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"Dorothy has been a pleasure to work with. She's actively involved in making the community a better place and brings a wealth of creative ideas to the table. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her as a community activist, and will look forward to continuing to work closely with her as Fitchburg Alder."

Brian Solomon, Alder, Madison District 10

"I have worked with Dorothy Krause in my capacity as community parish nurse at the Allied Wellness Center for several years. I am continually amazed at how resourceful she is at getting information, and at how dedicated she has been in improving the Allied Dunns Marsh neighborhood. She regularly attends the Allied Area Task Force meetings, community meals and other neighborhood events and meetings, bringing good ideas and input. Her commitment to the community gardens and all activities that impact a neighborhood, speaks clearly of the passion and integrity in which she would serve as alder. Because I work rather than live in her district I cannot vote for her, but she certainly has my vote of confidence."

Susan Corrado

"I've known Dorothy since she moved to the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood 8 years ago. Over this period of time she has become more and more deeply involved in community organizations both within the neighborhood and beyond. Because she has attended meetings of all sorts on a regular basis, she comes "service ready" and with a wide knowledge base to the Fitchburg City Council.

"From working on church committees and in the Marlborough Park Community Garden with her, I know that she is attentive to both details and larger issues, is able to express herself efficiently and effectively, and is acquainted with many individuals and organizations in the Fitchburg/Madison area. A good listener, she is also adept at talking to and working with other community leaders or government officials.

"Coming from a working class background, Dorothy isn't afraid of hard work, throws herself fully into projects she supports, and is completely dependable in the obligations she accepts. She has lots of energy and fresh ideas. I know she has a special place in her heart for creating community among people of diverse backgrounds and that she would like to see her district and Fitchburg grow in sustainability."

Mary Mullen

"Dorothy has demonstrated her singular focus on the good of our community through her persistent activism in community organizations. It is only natural that her next step be to take her vision and hard work to the next level. Our streets, our parks, our neighborhood, and our community are better places because of Dorothy Krause."

Jeffrey Glazer
President, Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association

"In addition to leading one of the most successful local Freecycle chapters on the planet, Dorothy has been a member of the Freecycle global leadership team and helped get established as a international gifting concept as well as the largest recycling and reuse community on the web. Kudos to her and congrats to Fitchburg for having such a committed local leader. If you figure out how to clone her, let me know..."

Deron Beal
Executive Director
The Freecycle Network

"Dorothy has boundless energy and enthusiasm for seeking out opportunities to make her community better and the ability to energize others to get involved in serving their community. She is always looking for ways to create common sense solutions to community needs."

Duncan McNelly

"I have known Dorothy for approximately two years, and have been impressed on her dedication to be helpful in very meaningful ways.  Her active presence on many community organizations in the Allied area bespeaks well of a hard work ethic.  She does not shrink from responsibility. I feel Dorothy genuinely desires to be helpful, and is very able to tackle the business and human issues of being an alder."    

Barry Hayes

"Dorothy Krause's competence, positive work ethic and experience with neighborhood improvement projects makes her an ideal candidate for alderperson. She would bring a valuable combination of networking, problem solving and technical skills to that role".

Doleta Chapru

"I have known Dorothy for many years. She is a very creative and resourceful person who cares about her neighborhood and the people who live there. She has many fascinating ideas about how to improve the situation in the Allied Drive area, networking, creating jobs and food security in the process. She knows and works with many key players in the neighborhood (including the local residents)."

Judy Skog

"Dorothy is a woman with a big heart, and has ideas and energy to match her heart. She is a dedicated community activist, giving much time to numerous causes that have improved the lives of those around her. She is generous with both her time and her talents, and has good common sense. She is knowledgeable about community needs and concerns, and has proven herself to be a hard worker through volunteer service. I am proud to support her for alderperson!"



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